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Today, Australian cities and regions continue to grow at a rate that surpasses the capacity to deliver timely ‘fit for purpose’ infrastructure.  Ongoing reviews and reforms continually clarify a need for true strategic planning to understand the needs of our communities to better integrate land use and infrastructure decisions and to make better use of limited capital.  These processes must also sit within enhanced governance frameworks to ensure transparency and prudent decision making.  Innovative approaches to meaningful collaboration, and use of data and technology must underpin these endeavours, to provide rapid, accurate and highly visualised evidence upon which integrated decisions are made.

At Integran, we work to a set of values that seeks to provide strategically focussed, collaborative and transparent practices which ensure the outcomes are well informed to maximise benefit. Our work is supported by best practice from the business, finance, engineering, planning and consultation professions.  Our services across policy development, client advisory services, management, and software development through our Outvye® platform are driven by a set of values that advocate for the ‘greater good’.  At Integran, our focus is on providing a balanced approach to ensure that environmental, economic, social and governance considerations are all successfully addressed through every aspect of the work that we do to improve outcomes for all.

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Our clients benefit from practical advice that works

Integran brings deep business and consultancy experience from projects across Australia. We deliver holistic solutions to clients based on our model to “advise and stay”, providing clients with support in delivering actual outcomes.  Our solutions work, due to our intimate understanding of state government urban development policy, local government planning requirements and the business drivers of the development industry.  Our passion is to create unilaterally beneficial outcomes, simplifying the complex environment of urban development, policy and compliance, contractual frameworks and investment.

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Our Vision & Values

We believe communities should be planned and built to deliver on the community expectations and needs, and where profit, policy and compliance objectives are all realised.

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Our Story

Founded in 2004, Integran Infrastructure Management has grown rapidly to meet the expanding needs of our client base.

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Our Team

Integran are a multidisciplinary team of professionals, identifying sound solutions and strategies for our clients, meeting their needs today and solving their problems of tomorrow.

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Working in a niche consultancy firm with a broad range of clients, we can provide you with exciting challenges and opportunities to utilise and develop your skills and expertise, whilst giving you a sense of pride in making a difference.

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