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Integran provides a range of services to organisations across Australia. Our reputation as trusted advisors providing exceptional project outcomes are well known. Whilst each organisation is different, we have developed a range of tools which can be quickly implemented to help solve specific problems. We advise Local and State Governments along with private agencies around service delivery, managing growth and creating sustainable communities.
Local Government

Local Government

Integran intimately understands the key duties of Local Government to deliver services and manage growth within their communities.  Our holistic approach enables us to deliver much more than typical planning consultants, as we develop a full suite of management tools along with policy and statutory documents required by the Local Government Act and the Planning Act.

state government

State Government

Integran has developed strong relationships with State and Industry decision and policy makers. Provision of policy advice to these clients has contributed to improved policy frameworks and successful infrastructure project outcomes. Integran has recently provided the State Government with assistance, in the development of guidelines and templates, participation in discussion forums and development papers on options for infrastructure frameworks and charging issues.



Integran consultants provide services to various organisations across industry. These include agricultural companies, communication providers, mining, water, agriculture and information technology firms. We offer advisory services, feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary and final plans, designs and technical services during project phases and financial analysis of investments.

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