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Providing expert advice to local government for over 20 years

Integran intimately understands the key duties of Local Government to deliver services and manage growth within their communities. Our holistic approach enables us to deliver much more than typical planning consultants, as we develop a full suite of management tools and policy and statutory documents required by the Local Government Act and the Planning Act.

Key Services

Advisory Services

  • Provision of Geographic Information System (GIS) data and processes to support administrative arrangements;
  • Training of staff in infrastructure management techniques and theories;
  • Preparation and project management of third-party consultants;
  • Assistance with business management processes and change management;
  • Development and Training of integrated business systems into the business units of Council;
  • Mentoring and advice to senior managers and CEO’s;
  • Audits and scoping reports for budgeting and services delivery;
  • Presentations of reports, projects, new legislation etc to elected representatives; and
  • Creation of business cases to support projects and funding applications.

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  • Agreement facilitation, negotiation and formulation;
  • Agreement implementation, tracking and management systems;
  • Infrastructure plans;
  • Infrastructure charging policies and funding frameworks;
  • Preparation of government infrastructure policy and advice;
  • Research, statistical analysis and preparation of supporting reports to the Planning Scheme; and
  • Strategic infrastructure management services.

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Town Planning

  • Planning Scheme preparation;
  • Planning Scheme Policies, codes and guidelines;
  • Research, statistical analysis and preparation of supporting reports to the Planning Scheme;
  • Infrastructure planning, design and charging policies including Planning Act compliant Local Government Infrastructure Plans; and
  • Preparation of general policy and advice to support Local Government business.

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  • Validated, aligned and systemised assessments and views of Local Government assets;
  • Leverage historical knowledge to better inform future planning;
  • Improve financial sustainability by enabling better understanding of expenditure and revenue requirements;
  • Consistent datasets for improved decision-making on planning outcomes and infrastructure investment; and
  • Adjust and efficiently allocate resources to mitigate risk.

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city of swan

Integran has assisted the City of Swan with the review of DCPs, including: Cost Contribution Area calculations, annual cost reviews, infrastructure cost schedules, contribution rates, reporting and mapping. They have also developed the Outvye® software, which we have implemented, and they have assisted in that process along with testing and maintenance. We were exceedingly satisfied with the high quality of Integran’s services and their reliable, responsive and friendly approach.

Martine Cooshna
Management Accountant – Developers Contribution Financial Services & Rates City of Swan

City of Swan

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