Integran Infrastructure Management was founded in 2004 and has rapidly grown to become a leading trusted advisor for developers as well as local and state government agencies across Australia.  Our expertise and service were recognised in 2005, after Integran was appointed a preferred supplier to Queensland Local Governments through the Local Buy program operated by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ).  We have also acquired Prequalification (PQC) System status with the Queensland State Government and are constantly seeking acceptance to other Local and State Government procurement panels.

  • Integran founded in Brisbane
  • Small staff with diverse backgrounds and skills
  • Expanded in size and client diversity, with Local Government clients all along the Queensland Coast as well as into Western Australia
  • Integran key advisors to the Infrastructure Charges Reform across Queensland, providing policy, technical and analytical services.
  • Integran’s coming of age with new premises and branding
  • Expanded into software development to support infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Increased staff with diverse skill sets
2015 & 2016
  • Expanded client base into New South Wales and Western Australia, namely the NSW State Government and Infrastructure Bodies (INSW) and WA State Government 
  • Development of first offering for the Outvye®  suite
  • Soft Launch of Outvye® software with initial sales to City of Swan and City of Gold Coast 
  • Additional Module development for the Outvye® software platform
  • Increased staff with diverse skill set
  • Introduced dedicated marketing team member
  • Expansion into a majority of States across Australia now including NSW, QLD, SA and WA
  • Official Launch of Outvye®
  • Launch of the new Integran website
  • Introduction of the Integran E-Newsletter for existing clients

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