State Government

Partnering with State bodies to shape the future of Australian cities

Integran has developed strong relationships with State and Industry decision and policy makers. Provision of policy advice to these clients has contributed to improved policy frameworks and successful infrastructure project outcomes. Integran has recently provided the State Government with assistance, in the development of guidelines and templates, participation in discussion forums and development papers on options for infrastructure frameworks and charging issues.

Key Services

Advisory Services

  • Specialist advisor to State Government on managing growth and infrastructure;
  • Assistance with policies and internal processes for better coordination across Government business units and asset owners;
  • Research and preparation of supporting reports and analysis;
  • Mentoring and advice to senior managers and political advisors; and
  • Provision of Geographic Information System (GIS) data and systems to support administrative arrangements.

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  • Preparation of Government Land Use Planning and Infrastructure Policy and Advice; and
  • Audits and Scoping reports to determine gaps in the planning and infrastructure development business of Government.

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Town Planning

  • Presentations on reports, projects, new legislation and other urban development matters to elected representatives; and
  • Preparation and project management of third-party consultants to Government.

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  • Validated, aligned and systemised assessments and views of State Government assets;
  • Ability to coordinate the current and future infrastructure across whole regions and multiple infrastructure authorities;
  • Leverage historical knowledge to better inform future planning;
  • Improve financial sustainability by enabling better understanding of expenditure and revenue requirements;
  • Consistent datasets for improved decision-making on planning outcomes and infrastructure investment; and
  • Adjust and efficiently allocate resources to mitigate risk.

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Integran’s expertise in dealing with both State Government agencies and local governments was manifested throughout the process and frequently demonstrated in their skills and knowledge of how to work with competing interests to achieve a workable outcome for all parties involved.

Brod Meredith
Planning Manager (Strategic) Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (WA)

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