Integran’s Director Jason Natoli presented on behalf of #QELA last night at the Infrastructure Development and Charging seminar. He was joined by industry experts Kelly Alcorn and Matthew Fritzsche to discuss key areas such as:

– The LGIP planning process and how this relates to the land use planning process, including State and local drivers;

– Conversion applications, conversion criteria and the alignment between the LGIP and the planning scheme;

– Infrastructure costing, infrastructure charges and offsets; and

– Challenges arising where planning expectations are misaligned with LGIP assumptions; conversion criteria resulting in ‘big’ infrastructure being classified as ‘non-trunk’

Each of the speakers shared their insights on providing transparent, evidence based regulation for the delivery of infrastructure as one of the key elements in supporting a sustainable property market. The rapid growth of Australian cities requires a coordinated approach to land use planning, infrastructure and investment within an aligned vision for the future as highlighted by Mr Natoli last night.

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